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Lefkada is the fourth largest island in the Ionian Sea and together with the islands of Meganissi, Kastos and Kalamos they form the Prefecture of Lefkada. It connects with the mainland of Greece (at Akarnania) with a floating 50 meters long bridge. The capital of the island is the town of Lefkada.

Local products

You should not miss the famous local products of Lefkada. The Eglouvi lentils belong to an extremely rare and special variety of lentil, grown and produced in the mountain village of Englouvi, the plateau of Agios Donatos, famous for its ancient paths.
The Eglouvi lentil is awarded at numerous exhibitions in Greece and abroad.
“Pasteli” and “Mandolato” are both eminently traditional products of the island and their roots go far back in history. Originally manufactured exclusively by the barbers of the island who, according to the tradition, used to have a small workshop on the back of the barbershop in which their assistants made the delicacies while waiting for a customer to come for a haircut or shave! They wrapped the pieces with cellophane and sold them out of the barber shop. The years passed, we now know the materials they used, but the way they are produced - that was all their art – remains a secret.

Pasteli consists of sesame, honey, sugar and almond and nougat honey, sugar, almonds, egg white, glucose and cachet.

“Soumada” (the concentrated milk of bitter almonds) is a traditional refreshing drink of the island that used to be served at weddings, engagements and all important social events. Todays, the most famous sweet is “Ladopita” (oil pie), which is served at weddings, baptisms and all important events. The salami of Lefkada is a very famous (and delicious) product of the island. Made from pork, it has a light garlic flavor and whole peppercorns and it is exported almost all over Greece and in many foreign countries. The famous roe from “Ivari” fish of Lefkada Lagoon is another famous local product.
The most popular, traditional wine varieties produced in Lefkada are Vertzami and Vardea, at an altitude of 200 to 700 meters.

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In recent years, with the contribution of tourism development, young winemakers have highlighted the local varieties of Lefkada wines, by introducing them to the rest of the world and winning special awards at exhibitions. Known labels are Lefkaditiki Yi, Siflogo, Playies and Vertzami. The wineries facilities are open to visitors where you can see the production and winemaking area, meet the producers and taste the wines!

Last but not least, the embroidery of Karya ("karsaniki stitch") is a special embroidery technique that exists nowhere else in the world. A walk in the mountain village of Karya will offer you the opportunity to admire this special technique learn about the history and buy some of the rare needlecrafts.